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  Design / Drawing

  Antique Design / Drawing


  Antique books and Folders

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  Sewing   Antique Machines and molds   Embroider   Receiving place  
  Lavar e Engomar   Colecção - Duques de York   Documentos antigos da Bordal desde 1962   Peças de Bordado Antigas  
   Wash and iron   Dukes of York collection   Bordal Antique Documents since 1962   Antique embroidery  

Madeira embroidery Historic itinerary

  The “Historic itinerary” of madeira embroidery shows over 150 years of tradition in the process of handcrafting.

Bordal invites customers and visitors to know about Madeira embroidery manufacture from its origins to our days, since the historic itinerary is located in Bordal’s embroidery factory. You can get to know the manufacture of embroidery and its history and prove that the tradition and the habits remain.

The precision, quality and ancestral knowledge cohabit in the heart of the Bordal group stores.