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  MATIZ E PONTO CHÃO   ARRENDADOS, ponto de crivo   BASTIDOS ou ponto cheio   CASEADOS   CAVACAS  
  Matiz stitch

  Crivo stitch

  Bastidos or full stitch



  GRANITOS ou garanitos   ILHÓS   PONTO ESCADA ou Ajour   PESPONTO ou ponto de areia   RICHELIEU e oficial  
  Granitos ou garanitos


  Escada ou Ajour stitch

  Pesponto or Areia stitch


  PONTO CORDÃO ou pau   PONTO FRANCÊS PONTO SOMBRA Ponto Chão Ponto Oficial    
  Cordão or Pau stitch

  French stitch

  Shadow stitch

  Chão stitch

  Oficial stitch


Madeira embroidery stitches

  Hand in hand, the Madeira embroidery through a careful process. On paper, the designer starts the new drawing. From paper, sketches are transported to fabric. Step by step, the hands of dedicated embroiderers will become true the designers dream. The images take shape and salience. At in the end , joined all the loops , the pieces provide moments and experiences in where tradition and innovation begin to tell the story of every family and every generation.