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  Desenho   Curvimetro   Picote   Chapas estamparia   Estampar  
  Design / Drawing



  Stamped plate


  Peça estampada   Bordar   Lavar   Engomar   Recorte  
  Stamped piece   Embroider   Wash   Ironing   Cuttings  

Madeira Embroidery production process

  Before reaching a final consumer hands each piece of Madeira Embroidery has its own history. Everything begins with the designer’s inspiration who traditionally elaborates his drawings on tracing paper.

Then a perforation machine perforates the paper throughout the drawing, by hand, onto the fabric. After that follows the printing stage. Here is passed a sponge with a special blue ink on the paper, which passes through the small holes into the fabric that will mark the areas to be embroidered.

Once the stamping process done, the fabric will be prepared and sent to the embroiderer who lives in the countryside. In his house, surrounded by the intense and magnificent landscape of the island, it will develop a detailed and perfectionist work. The Madeira Embroidery character will be mostly determined by their agile and patients hands over many hours of work that will compose a single and genuine beauty work.

When the embroiderer work is complete, the piece return to the factory where the work will be checked, cut, washed and ironed.
Only after all this stages the embroidery is ready to be certified and sold in the regional market in our stores or exported to our customers.